About Welsh Mountain Ponies

There are four Registered Sections to the Welsh breed. The Welsh Mountain Pony, Section A, provides the base from which the other Welsh Sections evolved. It is thought that the breed probably developed from the Celtic ponies descended from animals in Central Asia that reached Britain about 4000 BC across a land bridge that existed about that time. The first mention of these ponies was in the writing of Julius Caesar during his campaigns in Britain. He referred to the Celtic ponies with admiration for their docility, their speed as chariot horses, and for their usefulness as riding horses.

Today, Welsh Mountain Ponies have all of the substance, stamina, and soundness of their ancestors, and are regarded as an animal of great beauty and refinement. Welsh Mountain Ponies are well-known for their friendly personalities and even temperaments. They are extremely intelligent animals that are easily trained. The Welsh Mountain Pony breed is a highly versatile breed. Welsh Mountain Ponies excel as mounts for children and small adults in a wide variety of ridden venues, including pleasure, trail, and jumping. Their brilliant action make them superb driving ponies, and they have successfully competed at the highest levels of competition, in Pleasure Driving, Carriage and Roadster, Fine Harness, and more recently, Combined Driving Events.

Characteristics of Welsh Mountain PoniesBreed characteristics of the Welsh Mountain Pony include: A large, bold eye, tiny head, short back, strong quarters, a high set on tail, fine hair, laid back shoulder, straight foreleg, and short cannon bones.

A Welsh Mountain Pony may not exceed 12.2 H in height.

For more information, visit https://wpcsa.org/.